Cover - KLEMS productivity accounting for the Polish economy

Dariusz Kotlewski
KLEMS productivity accounting for the Polish economy

Statistical Research Papers, Volume 3
Główny Urząd Statystyczny, Warszawa 2021

About the book

The methodology of KLEMS productivity accounting is oriented towards determining the sources of economic growth. The accounting involves the decomposition of the relative growth of selected variables representing economic activity, usually gross output or gross value added, into contributions of production factors and their sub-factors, and into the contribution of productivity growth to the economy. The monograph presents an innovative elaboration of the internationally-developed methodology of the economic growth decomposition into factor contributions and productivity contribution.

KLEMS productivity accounting is mainly applied in studies of economic processes and in the development of an accounting basis for their further analysis. Thus, this kind of accounting is a useful tool for economic researchers. Through its explanatory function, KLEMS productivity accounting enables the formulation of economic recommendations, as well as forecasts and scenarios of future economic growth. It shows particular potential in the sphere of regional economy research. It can also be used to study the effects of the implementation of economic policy instruments or a country’s international competitiveness, and to observe the effects of economic shocks (including those of a non-economic origin).

About the author

Dariusz Kotlewski works at the Department of Economic Geography at the Collegium of Business Administration of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics and a consultant in the Department of Macroeconomic Studies and Finance of Statistics Poland. He is the author and co-author of a number of articles relating to KLEMS productivity accounting published in Wiadomości Statystyczne. The Polish Statistician, Statistics in Transition new series, Bank and Credit, Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Oeconomica and Gospodarka Narodowa. The Polish Journal of Economics, and decomposition accounts of economic growth, published in KLEMS productivity accounts – Poland 2005–2016 and its subsequent editions, and others. His scientific interests comprise: economic growth at the aggregate and regional levels, economic growth accounting (including international and regional comparisons), international trade theory, the new economic geography, regional science, the economics of the electric power generation industry, and the energy sector.